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Weight Loss; One Size Does Not Fit All

Weight Loss; One Size Does Not Fit All

Weight loss is the single most frequently searched topic on the internet.  It is a problem that plagues millions of people and even the medical community seems to be at a loss.  How can weight loss be so confusing, after all, it should be as simple as eat less and exercise more, right?  To make matters worse, there is so much conflicting information that most people are at a loss as to where to begin.

A quick search on the internet reveals an almost endless supply of books claiming to provide the answer to the weight loss dilemma. I am not a fan of these books that claim to have the answer because no single diet works for everyone when it comes to weight loss.  This is because there are numerous components that must be addressed.  These include biological processing of sugar, stress patterns, thyroid function, quality of sleep, exercise, water consumption, toxins, nutrient deficiencies, and nutritional choices.

Weight loss is a challenging task but success is greatly enhanced by addressing all of the connected variables. It's more than simply "calories in and calories out" and for many people, simple caloric restriction and exercise are not adequate.

When it comes to weight loss, there is no one size fits all approach.  At Vitopia Health we do not believe in “fad diets” or quick weight loss programs.  Our approach is to partner with the patient to identify the best dietary approach based on individual metabolism and existing health conditions.  

Our overall approach provides both educational materials and support with a commitment to helping you lose and maintain a healthy weight through optimizing metabolic function and improving overall health through permanent, sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle changes.

For our detailed article on weight loss, click here or visit the website at>Learn the Facts->Weight Loss (under Choose a symptom).  


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