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The Impact of Toxins on Health & Weight Part-3

The Impact of Toxins on Health & Weight Part-3

As a primary cause of chronic disease, toxin exposures induce metabolic disruption in a number of ways.  

These toxins come form pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified foods, as well as a handful of synthetic hormones in our meat.  We also find toxins in lipstick, face cream, prescription drugs, fire-retardant materials in furniture, and the air we breathe.  Our bodies must also deal with the toxins we encounter from infections, mycotoxins, yeast, bacteria and viruses.

Even with your best efforts to avoid toxins, research has shown that before you lived even one day on this earth, you were likely exposed to over 200 industrial pollutants including lead, mercury and PCB’s through umbilical cord blood.   

As if environmental toxins weren’t enough, internal or endogenous toxins that are created from the breakdown of hormones and the bacteria and yeast in your gut.  These can also affect your metabolism due to the affects on your detoxification system.

How toxins can affect your health and weight:

1.  Many of these toxins act like estrogen when absorbed by the body.  Some experts believe this is why girls are entering puberty earlier and breasts develop in some boys.  These toxins are called xeno-estrogens and are believed to increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancers and endometriosis and other estrogen related diseases.

2.  Many of these toxins contribute to insulin resistance.  When we become more insulin resistant, it leads to higher insulin levels making it more difficult to lose weight.

3.  Toxins can increase inflammatory mediators which can then also contribute to insulin resistance and leptin resistance (leptin suppresses appetite), leading to a host of chronic diseases.

4.  Toxins can also affect other hormones like thyroid and cortisol.

5.  Toxins can affect mitochondrial function by damaging certain enzymes that affect fatty acid metabolism, reducing your ability to burn fat.

In the final part of our four part series on toxins and health, next week we will discuss how to safely remove toxins.

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Wishing You a Healthy & Happy New Year!

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