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Vitopia Email Testimonial – 90% Improvement!

Vitopia Email Testimonial – 90% Improvement!

From time to time people email us to share their success stories. The idea of Functional Medicine, getting to the root cause of the loss of function, is new to folks, but once they understand the concept and are able to adjust their diet and lifestyle they tend to see significant results -- in this case, a 90% improvement in their health and vitality!


I was suffering with digestive problems, bloating, pain, skin burning for 4 months. I had many procedures including 2 endo- and colonoscopies, 2 stomach emptying studies,  H pyroli tests,  ERCP, [and] visited 4 different GI doctors to no avail and no diagnosis.

Mike was the only person who listened to me and was able to help me out. He pointed me in the right direction, recommended literature, diet and supplements. He was always available, day and night, and listened to me and my wife. Today, I feel 90% better, I still do have set backs but I know these will eventually disappear too.


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Wishing you good health!

Mike Woodley, R.Ph, FAARM, FMNM

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