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The 4 Steps to Healing an Unhealthy Gut

The 4 Steps to Healing an Unhealthy Gut

According to the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, "all disease begins in the gut". While this statement was made over 2,000 years ago, it still holds true today. In functional medicine, we utilize the "4 R Program" to treat imbalances and bring people back to optimal health.

The 4 R Program

Remove: The first step is to remove anything that can be damaging to your gut.

Replace: The next step is to replace things such as digestive enzymes an stomach acid, as deficiencies in these can cause digestive issues.

Restore: The third step is to restore the healthy gut flora through the use of probiotics.

Repair: The final step is to repair the damaged intestinal mucosa through the supplement L-glutamine

Through the 4 R Program, we look to address the root cause of your digestive issues and systematically restore the health of your gut. 


Metabolic Assessment 

Think you have digestive issues, such as leaky gut? Take the Metabolic Assessment and begin your pathway to healing. 


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