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Silent Disease and the Health Care Crisis!

Silent Disease and the Health Care Crisis!

As a pharmacist for more than 30 years, I have witnessed both the incredible benefits and the shortcomings of prescription medications and traditional medicine.  However, I began to question the wisdom and effectiveness of treating the symptoms of disease in the traditional way.


No doubt we have all had friends and relatives that appeared to be healthy only to be stricken with serious illness, seemingly out of nowhere. If the current medical model was a success surely we would not be facing the widespread healthcare crisis.  Unfortunately, everyone is focused on how to pay for healthcare instead of how to create health!  This frustration with the conventional medicine model combined with the health issues I personally experienced years ago led me to seek a new approach.


I have dedicated the past five years to studying Functional, Integrative and Metabolic Medicine.  What I learned and the incredible results I have witnessed during this time led to the creation of Vitopia Health.  Our goal at Vitopia Health is to utilize the website, community events, webinars and articles to educate and support as many people as possible on their personal health journey.


Although the internet can be a great source of information, I am concerned about the volume of misinformation people are exposed to.  Additionally, many articles present theory as fact. To combat this, Vitopia is committed to providing information related to natural, holistic and lifestyle approaches to health that is scientifically sound and has been thoroughly validated. Our team is continuously reviewing the latest scientific literature.  All of our products are professional quality and tested for purity and potency.


Beginning in July, we will run a blog series on “Detecting Silent Diseases.”  Most illness quietly begins years before you experience any direct symptoms or health problems.  But, it isn't completely silent and can be identified and treated before it affects your health. We will also explain why just treating disease symptoms is a dangerous trap to fall into.  In these articles, we will provide insight into the latest testing and scientific information.


We hope you will follow this series on our website and we encourage you to share the information with your family and friends.



Mike Woodley, R.Ph., FAARM

Chief Health Officer

Vitopia Health

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