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Seasonal Allergies Part 2 - Balancing the Immune System

Seasonal Allergies Part 2 - Balancing the Immune System

The key to controlling allergies is strengthening and improving your immune system.

Believe it or not, your current immune health has been impacted greatly by whether or not you were breastfed as a baby.  Breast milk contains something called colostrum.  During the first few days of life, the colostrum in breast milk helped you grow and it held antibodies which were important for the development of your immune system and resistance to bacteria and viruses.

However, even if you were breast fed, your immune system may encounter bumps in the road.  If you have allergies, it’s a sure sign your immune system is having trouble regulating itself and is reacting to substances that it should not.

Supplementing with bovine colostrum as an adult can offer many of the same benefits as being breastfed as a baby. Colostrum helps the immune system in a variety of ways.  One example is its ability to reduce permeability of the gut walls, which prevents food particles from escaping and causing food allergy issues.  This is actually the cause of most food allergies, and is often referred to as Leaky Gut Syndrome.  Additionally, when the immune system becomes overactive it becomes more responsive to environmental allergens as well.

Colostrum has been well studied and shown to be effective at reducing symptoms of Leaky Gut. Colostrum helps by providing IgG antibodies your body needs to neutralize allergies.  Additionally, the antibodies help lower allergic response and provide a defense against invaders like cold and flu viruses and sinus infections. Bovine colostrum is used for humans because it is biologically similar to human colostrum.

If you find yourself regularly suffering from allergy symptoms and want to start by strengthening the immune system, get a bottle of colostrum.  Our recommended product is IgG Protect.

Mike Woodley, R.Ph.,FAARM,ABAAHP

Chief Health Officer

Vitopia Health








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