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Pathway to Vitality

Pathway to Vitality

If you have read my personal health journey, you will notice I had several transition points in my healing process. This series of blog posts will give you an in-depth understanding of my personal journey to health and the Vitopia pathway to vitality.

A Note About Conventional Medicine

Before we get into my personal health journey, let me say a few words about traditional medical model.

The conventional medicine approach is oriented toward acute care or the diagnosis and treatment of trauma or acute illness. This includes things such as a broken leg or a bacterial infection. In these cases, physicians apply specific, prescribed treatments such as drugs or surgery that are designed to treat the immediate problem or symptom.

Here's the down side to the traditional medical thinking. The acute care approach is not equipped to address the complex chronic diseases which we are experiencing in our society today. These conditions include things like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, and autoimmune diseases. In most cases, the conventional medicine model does not take into account the unique genetic makeup of each individual and does not allow time for exploring the influence of lifestyle.

Vitopia View

And that is where the Vitopia view is different. We believe that research has shown without any doubt that we are all different – genetically and biochemically unique – and therefore our health conditions are also different. So the Vitopia personalized approach is geared toward you as a unique individual, not toward the disease. The Vitopia view supports the normal healing mechanisms of your body, naturally, rather than trying to attack the disease directly.

We'll look at the 5 stages in my journey and reflect on how those relate to the general pathway to vitality. Also check out our in-depth articles on preventing and healing chronic diseases utilizing a Functional Medicine approach.

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Wishing you good health!

Mike Woodley, R.Ph, FAARM, FMNM

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