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Gluten Free Equals Psoriasis Free

Gluten Free Equals Psoriasis Free

Psoriasis can have several causes, but gluten and stress feature high on the list of likely suspects. Changing one's lifestyle to limit gluten and stress can have a dramatic positive effect, as can be seen below in the photos and testimonial.

Amanda is a girl in her 20's who had psoriasis. I worked with her about 3 months ago. I had her remove gluten and clean up her diet.  While she did not go 100% gluten free, it was obviously enough to work.  She also worked on reducing her stress and getting some sun exposure.  Here is what she wrote:

Before After


I tried to be as gluten free as possible. I really struggled with sticking to it. I did cut out a lot of gluten and made a point to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Although I didn't go completely gluten free, my gluten reduced diet definitely had an impact on my psoriasis.

I also tried to manage my stress levels. I noticed I would flare up worse during extremely stressful times. I spent ten minutes a day in the sun without sunblock and began exercising as well.

I'm happy to say my psoriasis has completely cleared up. Not one spot on me. And it cleared up without the use of any medications.

I have attached photos from when my psoriasis was almost at it's worst, and a photo from today. The psoriasis was all over my body just like in the photo. It was legs, arms, mid-section, and back. My whole body was covered.


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Wishing you good health!

Mike Woodley, R.Ph, FAARM, FMNM

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