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6 Nutrients For a Healthy Gut

6 Nutrients For a Healthy Gut

In functional medicine, we aim to find the root cause for any loss of function in the body and assess how best to restore that function by correcting imbalances in the body. Issues such as leaky gut syndrome, psoriasis, heart disease and type 2 diabetes have all been found to begin with an unhealthy gut. Getting enough of essential nutrients plays an important role in keeping your gut healthy and preventing issues such as these.

The 6 most important nutrients for gut health are:


Has many gastrointestinal related benefits including rebuilding and repairing the intestines, improving IBS and diarrhea, fighting cancer and improving cellular detoxification.


Create tight junctions with the intestines, which prevents things like Leaky Gut Syndrome. Also, these are great antioxidants.


Brush and clean the lining of the intestines; cleaning out toxins and helping to prevent cancers


Important for coating of the cells within the intestines and helping the overall health of the cells

Lacto acidophilus

Creates short chain fatty acids, which act as fuels for the cells lining the intestines and aid in digestion.


Staying well hydrated helps with digestion and keeps the intestinal tract clean.

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