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Functional Lab Tests


We continue to design functional medicine programs to meet a variety of health goals and budgets. These are some of our commonly recommended functional medicine lab tests that we have made available to those who may not be ready for our full consultation services at this time. This is a great place to start when identifying underlying health issues. We recommend and welcome your call if you need assistance in selecting the correct lab test or have any questions. When you purchase one of these lab tests, you will receive the following:

  • A Vitopia practitioner orders the lab for you (some test involve a simple salivary, urine sample, or finger prick. For labs requiring a blood test, you will receive a lab order to take to a local LabCorp or other local lab in your area)
  • Our practitioner will review your lab results with you
  • Our practitioner provides dietary and lifestyle recommendations based on your individual lab results*

*These are general recommendations based strictly on lab results and consultation and not the extensive and detailed protocols that require an extensive health history and in-depth evaluation.

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