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Lab - Cardiovascular Risk Profile (Serum)

Lab - Cardiovascular Risk Profile (Serum)


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Product Description

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is associated with more deaths than all cancers—and more deaths in women than breast cancer. This Cardiovascular Risk Profile evaluates a thorough battery of traditional and advanced biomarkers to aid in the early detection and modification of risk factors. This test measures oxidized LDL, small dense LDL, and Lp(a), which are higher in CVD patients and correlated with CVD severity. A total of 11 primary and secondary risk factors are evaluated to provide actionable information at a tremendous value.

Recent research indicates that more focused biomarkers can provide even greater insight. For example, oxidized LDL is plaque-specific and directly involved in accelerated atherogenesis and late-stage atherosclerotic plaque instability and rupture. Small dense LDL exhibits greater penetration into the arterial wall and has a longer half-life as well as lower resistance to oxidation compared to that of large buoyant LDL.

Circulating levels of these two markers are:
1. Strong independent CVD risk factors
2. Higher in CVD patients
3. Correlated with the severity of CVD
4. Not correlated with LDL cholesterol levels

In addition, levels of apolipoproteins A-1 and B, specific protein constituents of HDL and LDL, are also strong indicators of risk.

*Price includes practitioner interpretation of lab results and a dietary, lifestyle, and therapeutic action plan.

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