Coaching Plans

Comprehensive metabolic questionnaire that includes 76 questions


  • Initial assessment 
  • Practitioner Review
  • Live Conversation with Practitioner
  • Follow up assessment 3 months later

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Includes Metabolic Assessment

Review of Personal Lab Results from Your Doctor

Two Hours of Individual Coaching

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Includes Metabolic Assessment

Includes Everything in the Basic Coaching Package

Includes Two Additional Hours of Coaching

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Designed for Those Suffering from a Chronic Disease or Overall Health Decline

Includes Twelve Hours of Individual Coaching

Includes a Mentor to Help

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Should I consider health coaching?

Many people feel confused and exhausted by all the information. They have tried both conventional methods and alternative approaches but still find they are missing something. Whether you are frustrated with your current progress in dealing with a health issue or you are looking to augment your current diet, exercise, or therapies with natural methods, you may find our coaching programs are the answer. There is a reason most successful people, whether athletes or business executives utilize a personal coach.

Is health coaching expensive?

While supplements are extremely valuable and often required to help the body heal, the key is to make certain you are giving the body what it needs to be healthy. This means that first we must understand what is going on in the body and implement a systematic approach with a well thought out strategy. This will include lifestyle, dietary, exercise and often supplements. Don’t simply take every supplement that sounds like it might help! Not only is that a waste of money but it may have negative effects.

This is why at Vitopia Health we don’t just sell you supplements. We strive to provide you with an understanding of disease processes based on the latest scientific research. Most people find that coaching sessions quickly pay for themselves by helping you take only the targeted supplements for your health condition.

However, because we all (or most of us) have to consider a budget even for something as important as our health, we attempt to offer multiple coaching programs designed to fit most any budget. We do this because we do not believe you should have to be rich to benefit from a health coach.

What can I expect from health coaching sessions?

Our goal is to optimize your health and help you reach your goals. We do require you to have a primary health care professional, as our programs are not meant to diagnose or prescribe. We are also willing to work with you and your current health care professional.

Coaching sessions are designed to:

  • Provide a better understanding of your current health status and health conditions.
  • Include a review of any lab results you received from your doctor. Understand that when your doctor reviews lab results they are looking to see whether you have already developed a disease as indicated by values outside the normal range. However, normal and healthy are two entirely different things. Our goal is to help you get or keep your lab results in the optimal range to avoid the onset of disease.
  • Provide you with questions to ask your doctor.
  • Raise relevant alternative and natural approaches to lifestyle and treatment options.
  • Provide support in the form of training and education so you are equipped to make informed decisions about your personal health.

Coaching sessions are NOT designed to:

  • Replace the advice of your doctor.
  • Diagnose or prescribe medication.

Is health coaching individualized?

We offer both individual and group coaching sessions. However, before joining a group coaching session we require an introductory individual coaching session. This is so we can review your health concerns and determine your ultimate health goals. Once this has been determined, group sessions are more economical for you and more efficient for us. You can always opt for additional, affordable individual sessions if preferred however.