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Guided - Detoxification Program

Guided - Detoxification Program


Benefits At a Glance

Product Description

This is not your typical detoxification program.  Here is an overview of some of what you receive with our guided detoxification.

1)  We will provide you with a brief questionnaire to assess your natural ability to detoxify. (liver, kidney, etc.).  We will also review your most current conventional labs for optimal kidney and liver function if you provide them.

2)  Our practitioner will recommend a specific detoxification program for you.  Not all detoxification programs are the same and a qualified practitioner can recommend the program that best meets your personal goals and health needs.

3)  You will have the option to choose from a 7-day, 14-day, or 28-day detoxification program.

4)  Throughout your plan, you will have email and/or text access to a practitioner to ask questions and provide guidance.

5)  You will have access to weekly phone / Zoom calls to learn additional information and receive answers to your questions.  This is also an opportunity to hear how others are doing on the program.

This is not a weight loss program but a great start to improving your overall health.  However, almost all clients that participate in this program experience weight loss.

PRICE:  $50 for practitioner evaluation plus the cost of the selected detox kit.  

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