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Betaine & Pepsin

Provides hydrochloric acid to help maintain gastric pH. Promotes healthy digestion, especially for dietary protein. Supports overall nutrient absorption.

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Provides hydrochloric acid to help maintain gastric pH

Promotes healthy digestion, especially for dietary protein

Supports overall nutrient absorption

An estimated 30% of Americans suffer from low levels of acidity, which can result in the incomplete digestion of foods and displacement of food from the stomach

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Symptoms of indigestion are often mistaken for excessive gastric acid. This leads many to take acid blockers in attempt to lower stomach acid, when the true culprit is likely to be insufficient levels of HCl. The resulting reduction in stomach acidity can lead to impaired protein digestion and mineral breakdown over time, as well as changes in the gut flora and promotion of unwanted bacteria such as H.pylori. Maintaining adequate levels of HCl is fundamental to healthy protein digestion, nutrient availability and maintenance of beneficial gastric flora. Betaine HCl and pepsin are produced by the hormone gastrin. Gastrin signals the gastric glands and parietal cells to produce HCl, and stimulates chief cells to produce pepsin. Once the pH of the stomach reaches around 2.0, the gastrin mechanism slows and the negative feedback causes parietal cells to decrease production of HCl. Since pepsin is most active in low pH values, gastric juices must be acidic for the enzyme to function. Support of natural gastric secretions and acidity with Betaine & Pepsin supports normal digestion, absorption and optimal immune health. In addition, maintaining an acidic pH in the stomach helps support normal gastric and intestinal flora.
Betaine & Pepsin provides two essential components of healthy digestion: hydrochloric acid (HCl) and the digestive enzyme, pepsin. Hydrochloric acid is vital for the proper digestion of protein and the absorption of vitamins and minerals (especially vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc). HCl also plays an important role in signaling the pancreas to release digestive enzymes. Pepsin is one of the first enzymes to initiate protein digestion and works in synergy with HCl to provide complete protein digestive support. Betaine & Pepsin includes 1,040 mg Betaine HCl USP and 208 mg Pepsin per serving.
Note: Unless you have been taking this product previously, I recommend working with a healthcare practitioner before starting this product. There are specific protocols that should be followed when starting Betaine. Additionally, it is not recommended to discontinue proton pump inhibitors or other acid blocking drugs without guidance from a healthcare practitioner.
An estimated 30% of Americans suffer from low levels of acidity, which can result in the incomplete digestion of foods and displacement of food from the stomach. Studies have shown that HCl production decreases with age. According to one study, 30% of men and women suffer from low acid production. A second found that 40% of post-menopausal women lacked basal acid secretions.Since HCl and healthy digestive enzyme status is essential for access to nutrients from foods, depletion of enzymes and HCl can result in suboptimal nutritional status. Ongoing use of acid- reducing medications can also deplete stomach acid and lead to malabsorption of certain vitamins and minerals.
Many competitor products are available in tablet form. This product is encapsulated for quick release in the stomach to enhance digestive benefits. References:
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Serving Size: 2 capsules

Amount per serving

  • Betaine Hydrochloride USP .... 1.04g
  • Pepsin 1:3,000 Powder .... 208mg
  • Other Ingredients: Natural Gelatin Capsules, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, and Stearic Acid.

Dosage and use

  • 1-2 capsules before each meal or as recommended by your health care professional

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