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High blood pressure is the most commonly diagnosed medical condition in the United States.  When you are diagnosed with hypertension, in most cases you are automatically placed on high blood pressure medication without considering the underlying cause.  Unfortunately, these medications while among the top 10 prescribed drugs are associated with many undesirable side effects.  It is far better to address the underlying cause, in fact research shows that diet and lifestyle are just as effective or even more effective than medications.

It is vitally important to get high blood pressure under control, as it is associated with heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, diabetes and peripheral vascular disease.  To further complicate matters, high blood pressure can easily go undiagnosed for years as it does not always present with symptoms until damage has already been done.  So, it is important to have blood pressure checked on a regular basis.

Taking a functional medicine approach looks for the underlying cause of high blood pressure instead of simply trying to lower it.  Factors to consider include genetic predispositions, nutritional deficiencies, environmental triggers and dietary and lifestyle habits. 

If you or someone you know has high blood pressure and would like to identify the underlying cause and find natural approaches, we encourage you to contact us today!