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Corporate Health Solutions

About most corporate health programs on the market:

I am sure you have experienced the corporate health programs that make big promises and then offer the same health screenings and programs that tell employees to eat healthy and get more exercise. Not only are these boring for your employees, but they are costly and rarely, if ever deliver lasting results.

What makes our corporate health program different?

Our founder, Mike Woodley, is a pharmacist and business person with over 30 years of experience. Throughout his career, he has developed and managed retail and specialty pharmacies and clinics in the following areas: acute care, emergency rooms, cystic fibrosis, renal transplant, ophthalmology, autoimmune, chronic disease management, and many others. Mike spent over 20 years in executive management for a national PBM, where he worked directly with corporate clients to manage clinical, formulary, and pharmacy programs. Additionally, Mike is trained in functional medicine and has helped patients avoid and eliminate prescriptions drugs, while improving health.

Based on Mike's business and functional medicine experience, he has designed our corporate programs to reduce medical costs while improving employee health. In order to achieve this goal, a program must accomplish the following:

  1.  Actually improve a person's health. This means taking a root-cause analysis type of approach. Simply telling someone to eat healthy and get more exercise rarely works. This is because for lasting change to happen, you must understand the WHY? Additionally, every person is different and and the program MUST be tailored to the individual.
  2. Eliminate or avoid the use of prescription medications. Typical PBM and clinical programs usually try to reduce medical and pharmacy spend through multiple approaches, neither of which generally work.
    1. They attempt to improve patient medication adherence to reduce overall healthcare costs. (While taking blood pressure medication as prescribed my help control blood pressure, it fails to address the underlying cause of high blood pressure and stop the disease progression which eventually results in adding additional medications, thus increasing cost).
    2. They attempt to reduce costs by requiring patients take a less expensive brand or generic. (Again, this fails to address the underlying cause of disease and if it reduces costs at all it is usually insignificant and short term).
  3. Other things to consider.
    1. With the historical price increases in prescription drugs, is simply switching do a different brand working? For most clients the answer is a resounding NO!
    2. DON'T fall for the rebate game. This strategy is much like gambling in Las Vegas, they may throw some money your way occasionally and sometimes you feel like a big winner, but remember, the house always wins.  And guess who the house is in this game!

We offer a flexible portfolio of services to help companies reduce medical and pharmacy spend, while improving employee health.   

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