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GI Repair Powder

GI Repair Powder from Vital Nutrients is formulated to provide support for inflammatory bowel conditions, infectious diarrhea and “leaky gut”.

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Benefits at a Glance

Provides support for inflammatory bowel conditions, infectious diarrhea and “leaky gut”

Combines amino acids with botanicals and a stable probiotic to support gastrointestinal health

Supports health and growth of gastrointestinal lining

Maintains healthy intestinal permeability

This is an excellent product for anyone experiencing symptoms of leaky gut or digestive issues.

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  • beneficial effect on intestinal mucosal integrity
  • support and promotion of collagen repair
  • maintenance of healthy intestinal lining

GI Repair Powder is a comprehensive proprietary blend that helps maintain a healthy intestinal lining. This exclusive combination of ingredients has a beneficial effect on intestinal mucosal integrity by combining ingredients to provide fuel, protection, and structural support for intestinal mucosal cells. GI Repair Powder also supports and promotes collagen repair. This soothing, palatable powder readily dissolves in water and is easily digested.

According to the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NDDIC), approximately 60 to 70 million Americans are affected by digestive diseases. GI inflammation is widespread among the Americans as evidenced by the growing number of people with gastroesophageal reflux disease, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and peptic ulcers.

And while heredity may be the cause of GI inflammation in some cases, it most often starts with the diet. Dietary risk factors include high intakes of total fat, omega-6 fatty acids, refined sugars and meat, while high vegetable and fruit intake decreased the risk for gastrointestinal issues.

If you are experiencing GI issues, it is recommended you:

    • Eliminate any foods you may be allergic to. This can be determined through a comprehensive elimination diet of food tests on the blood.
    • Remove inflammatory foods from the diet including refined sugar, wheat, corn, cow dairy, night shade vegetables, alcohol and caffeine.
    • Remove foods with chemical additives from the diet such as high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors/dyes and monosodium glutamate.
    • Avoid all processed and refined foods.
    • Increase the consumption of anti-inflammatory foods such as salmon, walnuts, olive oil, avocados and dark green vegetables.
    • Drink plenty of water each day.

To speed healing of the GI tract you can incorporate GI Repair Power from Vital Nutrients. It is formulated to provide support for inflammatory bowel conditions, infectious diarrhea and “leaky gut.” It contains L-glutamine, N-acetyl glucosamine, precursors to the glycosaminoglycan (GAG) molecules of the intestinal mucosa, as well as MSM and rutin to support mucous membrane integrity. The slippery elm bark powder and aloe vera extract in the formula act as demulcents to soothe and coat, while lactoferrin helps modulate inflammatory activity in the intestine. Zinc carnosine, an amino acid chelate that supports gut repair, has been shown to prevent H. pylori from binding to ulcer sites. According to Vital Nutrients, GI Repair Powder has a very neutral, mild taste, mixes easily in water and is gluten-free.

However, please be aware it does contain whey protein and the glucosamine is derived from crustaceans, so avoid if you have allergies to either of those products.



Serving Size: 1 teaspoon

Amount per serving

[as zinc carnosine] ..... 5.5mg

Proprietary Blend
[L-Glutamine Powder, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Slippery Elm Bark Powder, MSM, Rutin NF, Lactoferrin, Aloe Vera Leaf Inner Fillet Extract 200:1] ..... 4.16g

Other ingredients: Xylitol (Contains Crustacean Fish: (Lobster, Cab, and/or Shrimp) Contains milk: Lactoferrin is derived from New Zealand cows milk (capsule)

Dosage and use

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