Purify-One UV Disinfectant Wand


Purify-One UV Disinfectant Wand

This UV LED disinfectant wand is the same one being used in clinics and hospitals.  It has powerful UV-C and UV-A LED's to disinfect and eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.  It is 100% ozone and chemical-free.  It is portable & easy to use and includes safety goggles, gloves, and carrying case.  Additionally, it has a 12-month warranty.
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As evidenced by multiple research studies and reports, when biological organisms are exposed to deep UV light in the range of 200 nm to 300 nm it is absorbed by DNA, RNA, and proteins.

  • Absorption by proteins can lead to the rupture of cell walls and the death of the organism.
  • Absorption by DNA or RNA (specifically by thymine bases) is known to cause inactivation of the DNA or RNA double helix strands through the formation of thymine dimers
  • If enough of these dimers are created in DNA, the DNA replication process is disrupted, and the cell cannot replicate.

It is widely accepted that it is not necessary to kill pathogens with UV light, but rather apply enough UV light to prevent the organism from replicating.  The UV doses required to prevent replication are orders of magnitude lower than required to kill, making the cost of UV treatment to prevent infection commercially viable.

Benefits at a Glance

Same device used in many hospitals and clinics

Disinfecting times significantly reduced, with coverage area tremendously enhanced

Over 30 years of R&D in light technology

Rigorous safety protocols and testing

Mixed wave technology including UV-C and UV-A

100% ozone and chemical free

Manufacturer's Description

Many bacteria and viruses are heat, cold, and drug-resistant, but they are not UV resistant.  Using both UV-C at 270-280 nm and UV-A at 380-405 nm, the Professional Wand damages the DNA and RNA in bacteria and viruses rendering them harmless.  Using high powered, proprietary LED technology, this wand allows you to disinfect up to 10 times faster than most fluorescent UV devices and 2 times more powerful than other LED UV devices.

The Professional provides best-in-class components and Performance:

  • 2x's more LED's than other LED UV wands
  • High-grade sapphire quartz optics
  • Full charge in one hour
  • USB-C Charging
  • Average use/charge: 90 minutes
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Solid-state technology
  • No mercury, no glass and built to last
  • Developed and hand assembled in the USA

Supplement Facts

Serving Size:

Amount per serving:

Other ingredients:

Includes UV wand, goggles and gloves.

Dosage and use

Use as directed by the manufacturer.

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